Web development For ICO and Blockchain Companies

Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, ICO. DO any of these words ring a bell, if the answer is yes then you probably have your slice of cryptocurrency heaven stashed somewhere. The talk of the town Cryptocurrency has grabbed the bull by the horns and is here to stay regardless of the naysayers casting their gloomy shadows over it.

What Exactly is an ICO?

While some of you are quite familiar with the term there are still some who feel they still don’t have the gist of it. Let’s say you are a new start-up with a vision to revolutionize the world of cryptocurrency but how do you get investors to throw money at you? Now your first step would be to talk to a bank with no avail and of course, you do not want to give away any part of your brain-child. Lo and Behold! Enter ICO.

In a nutshell, all you require is a document or in cryptocurrency terms, a white paper detailing how the system would work and last but not the least a platform where you can market your ingenious idea to the world.

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