Tips That Can Make Your E-commerce Portal An Instant Success

The most fundamental aspect of e-commerce is the convenience factor which helps it trump the traditional brick and mortar stores. With time, the demands of the consumers have gradually increased, and the conventional buying process has become too cumbersome of an experience. However, you can enhance the efficiency of your business and increase conversion rates by introducing a few changes to the website design and development process.
Tips To Make Your E-Commerce Portal A Success:
Product Descriptions
One of the basic things that new e-commerce businesses have gotten wrong is the product descriptions. The title of your product should be eye-catching to engage the customer and will demand all your creativity. Additionally, it will ensure that you stand apart from your competitors that sell the same products or offer the same services.
The rest of the description is equally important. It is a common practice to shove every little detail about the product in your descriptions which you might believe makes them more informative. However, confusing the consumer with obvious and irrelevant details may make them lose interest and leave the transaction midway. Keep the descriptions short but use all the relevant keywords to make it SEO friendly. This will allow potential customers to find your products and services easily on the internet, thus increasing the ranking of your website.
Redesign the Call-to-Action Button
The Call-to-Action button is often the most overlooked part of the website designing process. It is essentially responsible for making the users take action in favor of you. However, some businesses suffer because of the bland design of a call-to-action button. The design does not stand out from the rest of the buttons, and the text doesn’t attract the customers either. Ensure that it looks unique and encourages the customers to click on it.
Additionally, strategically place it at all convenient places where you anticipate the customer to make the final decision. Since a lot of customers fear foul play on relatively newer websites, they are more likely to leave the transaction between if your design does not look authentic to them. Optimize it both for mobile and PC viewing.
Social Media Integration
In today’s day and age, it is imperative for your website to link to your social media handles. This can be the simplest way to establish trust with potential first-time buyers. Your presence on social media will help them to identify your business which is likely to increase the conversion rates. Another reason why you should provide social media links to your handles is to communicate with the buyers. The most significant disadvantage for e-commerce businesses is the inability to communicate with the consumers like traditional physical stores. By routing your customers to your social media pages like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, you can let them know about latest products, discounts on existing stock and the upcoming services.
Display Cost Savings
Another important thing that you need to ask your website designer is to let you display the cost savings for each product. This trick lets you win over even the most skeptical buyers that do not frequently shop at online stores. When you let the users know how much they are saving on a particular purchase, you are indirectly increasing their desire for that product. In fact, ensure that you list all the available offers and discounts that apply to that product right next to the price to ensure maximum conversions.
Video Demonstrations
Another primary reason why a few people still prefer traditional stores over online websites is the availability of a sales representative. A sales representative can be a great help especially in situations where you are checking out a relatively newer product that you know very little about. He can help you with a demonstration of the product so that you can make a well-informed decision.
This is why modern website designs have incorporated video demonstrations along with traditional high-quality pictures that were the only visual aid for the customers. A creative video demonstration can help in letting the customers know what the product can do and also in which situations can it help you with.
Reviews and Testimonials
Some of the most popular online stores enable the users to post their reviews and testimonials after ordering a product. E-Commerce websites like Amazon go a step further and allow the potential customers to post questions relevant to a specific product which can be answered by people who have already bought it in the past. This strengthens the trust between your business and the customer since you open them to genuine feedback from someone other than you.
The users will be able to read what other people say about the product and your service at the same place. Someone happy with your prompt and secure services might serve as an encouragement to your potential customers who happen to read their testimonials. On the other hand, a negative testimonial will allow you to listen to the feedback by the people in the most honest manner. This is handy when improving your service based on negative inputs.
Ease the Checkout Process
Like we discussed above, the last thing you want is to complicate the online buying process for your customers. One way you can ensure a convenient transaction is by making your website design minimalistic, especially near the checkout process. Keep the layout and fonts consistent, so the customers do not get suspicious of being transferred to a third party site and leave the transaction midway.
Additionally, you will also need to make sure that there are no distractions for a customer who has already selected items to put in their cart. Do not route them to different products once the items in their cart and simply take them to the checkout process.
Efficient Website Design With Easy Navigation
Your website design will be responsible for a smooth and efficient experience for customers on your website. This is why you need to allow the users to navigate to any page freely without much effort. For instance, a customer looking at an iPhone might need a link to the Smartphone Subcategory in order to explore his options. Place the navigation links in clear site which will enable the consumers to spot them without much effort.
These were a few simple tips and tricks to make your website design efficient for the users. Follow these rules to make the transactions hassle free which will eventually help in increasing conversion rates.

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