Webmart has provided service to over 500+ Clients so far here are few of them for more samples please visit our support page or chat with our executive

Email Bot

Email Bot is among the most trusted Email Sending platform where we have integrated automation with artificial intelligence to ensure that our users doesn’t lose out on any opportunity while sending the emails. Email Bot Makes use of Dedicated IPS, Spam Filters, Email Servers to make sure each email is delivered to users inbox. We make sure of AI to make sure not even a single email goes to SPAM.


Construction Crm and Erp

Kaserp is a full Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Its has 4 modules Distribution process management, Supply chain management,Services knowledge base,Improve accuracy of financial data, There are lot of functions integrated in Kaserp such as Client can store client info, schedule meetings, Manage Expenses, sending emails and invoices to customers, payment tracking using APIS, invoice management. Kaserp provides platform to customize the ERP and CRM as per business needs.

Leads Universal

Leads universal was developed by our company for a marketing and lead generation company. Website is developed in cake php and laravel. It has a proper backend to manage new leads and track orders on the site. Client can add new leads through admin panel which is easy to use.

Linkedin Leads

Linkedin Leads was developed for a digital marketing company to promote there business only. Linkedinleads is a one stop solution for all your Digital Marketing problems, with Linkedinleads you get everything under one roof like Lead Generation, SEO Search Engine Optimisation, SEM Search Engine Marketing , SMM Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing Email Marketing, Advertising, Telemarketing. Linkedinleads made it possible for Businesses to manage everything about Digital Marketing under one place.

Orpiv Technologies

Orpiv Technology is a software development company they offer many IT related services like software development, python programing, data analytics and management. Orpiv Technologies is one of the leading software solution providers in kashmir. They have wide range of services and we develop the website for there company to explain these servers


Technology Online

Technology Online is a game development company they offer android and IOS game development services. We developed this website for them to explain there portfolio to there clients. This website was developed using Java script and PHP.